What is Ecogold

Ecogold is an environmentally focused loyalty program offered to all Kiwi Energy customers in New York and Ohio, and is sent to every new customer. Ecogold is a benefit for Kiwi Energy customers and provides incentive rewards as well as gift cards and products at discounted rates.  All Kiwi Energy customers are offered the benefit of being an Ecogold member when they enroll with Kiwi Energy.

Member Benefits

As an Ecogold Member, customers receive either Ecogold Rewards or Cash Back of their Kiwi Energy supply costs. Ecogold Rewards are distributed when customers accumulate $25 for the initial reward and $50 for every reward thereafter. Customers can claim their Ecogold Rewards by logging into this website to redeem gift cards and/or movie tickets from Participating Brands. Customers who select the Cash Back option receive Cash Back after 12 consecutive months of Kiwi Energy supply charges. Ecogold Rewards are subject to the Participating Brands’ Terms and Conditions. Customers can also choose to receive email messages on their rewards balance and notifications when their next Ecogold Reward has accumulated.

Ecogold Partnerships for Online Purchasing

An additional benefit of the Ecogold program is having access to discounts from a wide range of businesses. Participating brands include Macy’s, Target, CVS, Regal Entertainment Group, -GNC,1-800-Flowers and Burlington.

Claiming Benefits

All Ecogold Rewards are redeemed via the Ecogold website. Ecogold is not responsible for the management of content and purchasing process of transactions made on Participating Brand sites, or once the gift cards have been purchased via the Ecogold website and sent or emailed to the customer. Kiwi Energy will assist in any issues that arise from transactions relating to the Ecogold program.

Ecogold Environmental Fund

A private, charitable fund established and funded with contributions from Kiwi Energy in order to support charitable and non-profit organizations domestically and abroad. We invite customers to apply for funding via the

Card Cancellation

If a customer chooses to leave Kiwi Energy, they forfeit any accumulated benefits that have not already been claimed, as well as all rights to use the card. The Ecogold account will be easily be reactivated by calling 1-888-710-4782 and switching back to Kiwi Energy as your electric and natural gas supplier.


Customers must register their Ecogold membership account via the Ecogold website in order to start claiming their Ecogold Reward benefits. This is to avoid fraud and to ensure that their rewards/benefits are emailed or sent to the correct address.