Kiwi Energy has partnered with SunPower® by Venture Solar to offer you:

sunpower icon check$0 Down

Whether you choose to lease or own your system, SunPower® by Venture Solar has flexible options to go solar with $0 down. You save money from day one and for decades

sunpower icon dollarIncentives

Qualified installations will receive a $5,000 tax credit from New York State and a 4-year Property Tax Abatement in New York  for just for having your panels installed.

sunpower icon cogFree Maintenance

Kiwi Energy customers get peace of mind with SunPower®’s 25-year warranty covering the parts, labor and power output of your solar energy system.

How Does Solar Work?
  • Solar panels convert sunshine into electricity on your roof. SunPower®’s high efficiency solar panels generate the most power.
  • The inverter makes the electricity usable in your home, and can even provide some power in a blackout.
  • The net meter keeps track of all of your solar production so you get credit for all that sunlight being soaked up on your roof.
  • SunPower® by Venture Solar monitors your system actively, and you can too using SunPower’s mobile app or through your online monitoring portal.
  • Please visit SunPower® by Venture Solar’s website for more information.
Solar Leasing
  • Solar leasing allows you to go solar with $0 down.
  • Peace of mind, SunPower® by Venture Solar will take complete care of your system.
  • Incentives, NYC residents can cash in big on local incentives.
  • Please visit SunPower® by Venture Solar’s website for more information.
Solar Purchase
  • SunPower® by Venture Solar makes switching to solar easy with flexible financing options many customers in New York find that owning their panels is the quickest path to the greatest solar savings.
  • Peace of mind, SunPower® panels come with an industry leading 25-year bumper-to-bumper warranty that covers the parts, labor, and power output.
  • Reliable performance, SunPower® panels are more efficient than conventional panels and perform better over the long term due to their high quality components and patented manufacturing process.
  • Please visit SunPower® by Venture Solar’s website for more information.
Solar Tax Incentives
  • NYSERDA Rebate (NYSERDA website)
  • Federal Investment Tax Credit (only available for purchased or financed systems)
  • New York State Personal Tax Credit (applies to all systems; lease, finance or purchase)
  • NYC Property Tax Abatement (applies to all systems; lease, finance or purchase)
  • Please visit SunPower® by Venture Solar’s website for more information.

Get $25 in Ecogold Rewards!

Kiwi Energy will also give you $25 in Ecogold Rewards when you book a free Solar Assessment and $100 towards your installation.


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*Kiwi Energy is pleased to offer information regarding residential solar energy services as provided by SunPower by Venture Solar, an independent third party provider of such services. Kiwi Energy includes this material on its website for informational purposes only and makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy, value, integrity, completeness, or authenticity of this information. Kiwi Energy expressly disclaims any and all liability related to the use or reliance on this information.