Kiwi Energy customers in New York and Ohio with an Ecogold contract type become a Member of the Program and accept the Terms upon signing up with Kiwi Energy and agreeing to the contract terms.  The membership is non-transferrable and subject to the present and future Terms. Members must be at least 18 years of age.

You consent to the communications relating to Your Benefits by Us via monthly text messages to the mobile telephone number associated with Your account which may result in charges to You by Your mobile carrier.  You also consent to receive emails from Us regarding your Ecogold card, Your membership and the Benefits.  Members are responsible for notifying Us promptly of a change in their name, address, email addresses or telephone number(s) used in conjunction with the Ecogold Program.

Benefits, Changes, and Termination

The Ecogold Program entitles Members to receive Benefits and Rewards from Participating Brands of the Program. Members’ use of the Ecogold Program and the Benefits are subject to the availability of the Benefits and your compliance with these Terms and Conditions.   The Benefits are nontransferable to other Program Members and may not be combined among other Program Members.  Gift Cards may not be extended beyond the gift card expiration date, if any. Kiwi Energy will NOT reissue lost or misplaced gift cards.  Members with unpaid balance on their Kiwi Energy accounts WILL NOT receive any Benefits and/or Rewards until full payment on the account.

Kiwi Energy reserves the right to change, temporarily suspend or terminate the Program or change any of the Terms at any time without prior notice.  Fraud or abuse of the Program including but not limited to violation of theTerms, any attempt to sell, barter or transfer the Rewards and/or any promotional offers and any other improper conduct as determined in our sole discretion, may result in cancellation of the Member’s account and forfeiture of the Rewards not yet redeemed.  In the event of the termination of the Program, unclaimed Rewards that remain on the Member’s account will be forfeited.

Members may find a full list of Benefits provided by the Ecogold Loyalty Program via the website at However, Participating Brands may withdraw from the Program or change the Benefit offers at any time without any notice to Members. Kiwi Energy will not be liable for failure to provide such notice. Kiwi Energy does NOT guarantee that any specific Reward will be available for any particular length of time. While Kiwi Energy makes every endeavor to ensure the accuracy of the website, Kiwi Energy assumes no liability or responsibility for errors, omissions or the accuracy of the content of the website.


Participating customers in this Program thereby release Kiwi Energy and its parent, affiliated companies, as well as its officers, shareholders, directors, employees and agents (“Kiwi Energy”) from any and all liability for claims resulting from any acts or omissions of the Participating Brands in connection with the Program, or from any other cause, condition or event beyond the direct control of Kiwi Energy.

Kiwi Energy is solely responsible for issuance of the gift cards and other discounted benefits for the Members in the Program. Kiwi Energy has NO control over performance of the Participating Brands providing products, services or benefits through the Program and as such will NOT be responsible for any loss or damages to property or person which may be caused or contributed to by Participating Brands or by any other event beyond the control of Kiwi Energy.  Members enter arrangements with Participating Brands at their own risk. Kiwi Energy will not be liable for the unavailability of any benefit, delay, failure, misrepresentation or negligence by a Participating Brand.


In Ecogold Customer Loyalty Program “Program” Terms and Conditions (“Terms”), “You”, “Your”, and “Member” refer to customers of Kiwi Energy in New York who have enrolled in the Ecogold Customer Loyalty Program.  “We”, “Us”, and “Our” refer to Kiwi Energy and “Participating Brands” refers to the independent supplier of goods and services from which Kiwi Energy procures gift card rewards and/promotional discounts. “Benefits” and/or “Rewards” refer to gift cards, Cash Back and other promotional discounts offered by Participating Brands.

Membership Terms are void to the extent prohibited by law.